General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General Dentistry or regular Dental Checkups involves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions, disorders and diseases affecting the teeth, gums and maxillofacial (associated with the jaw and face) region of the body.

General dentists provide services related to the general maintenance of oral hygiene and tooth health.

Ideally, dentistry is preventative.

Adults over 35 lose more teeth to gum diseases (periodontal disease) than from cavities. Three out of four adults are affected at some time in their life. The best way to prevent cavities and periodontal disease is by good tooth brushing and flossing techniques, performed daily.

No matter what your dental needs may be, we are ready to provide you with the exceptional service and results you deserve.

We can provide you with a beautiful smile, no matter how much dental work you need. If you have neglected to see the dentist for any reason, we can help you. We perform all types of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Many of our guests also take advantage of our sedation dentistry option so that they can be completely calm and relaxed during their dental appointment.

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